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With our vast experience and knowledge, we develop top-notch Rich Internet Applications that increases your sales reach. The Rich Internet Applications developed by our RIA team meet your business goals with an easy-to-use user interface, advanced features, and robust functionality.



A Rich Internet Application (RIA) is a web application that has many of the features of desktop software, typically delivered by way of a particular browser, a browser plug-in, an autonomous sandbox, extended use of JavaScript, or a Virtual machine.

Now-a-days, businesses depend on applications that are highly responsive and complex. At the same time, applications are in a definite need of advanced user interface to provide quick response to the user actions.
Rich Internet application (RIA) development has a significant role in today’s web development industry for its innovation and quality. The advancement of web development technologies and the enhanced support in the recent web browsers has improved the capability of RIA. They can be deployed on desktops and can be accessed on any browser to provide rich experience to users.
Nwokoji Digital Services has recognized the importance of RIA in web development applications, for which it has employed the expert team of professionals, who can develop appealing applications through RIA development platforms such as Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flex. We change the remarkable designs into sophisticated software applications to generate optimal web experience for end users. Responsive Web Design extends this experience to any other device making sure that the application works irrespective of the selected device.

Nwokoji Digital Service’s Team has extensive experience in providing Rich Internet Applications development services. We blend our deep sense of technology & our commitment towards our customer’s business and when combined with best analytics, design, development and delivery processes, we deliver to you complete & comprehensive RIA solutions. We provide RIA development service for new application development as well as application reengineering.

Combining deep knowledge of technology with commitment to our customers’ business,
Nwokoji Digital Services is focused on delivering comprehensive RIA. RIA development process at
Nwokoji Digital Service embraces best analytics, design, development and delivery practices. Our company is experienced in both legacy applications re-architecture and building new RIAs with robust functionality and rich, expressive, client-oriented interface utilizing all types of content and giving true interactivity to users.

All our efforts are droved to one aim – enhanced online experience of your customers and prospects, increased users loyalty, leads and sales and thus to continual reinforcement of your Internet and software investments.

What do we offer:

  • Expertise RIA developers
  • Enhances your Return on Investment(ROI)
  • Highly proficient RIA developers
  • Superior RIA services for business as well as personal use
  • Well-Informed
  • Improves user satisfaction and increases productivity
  • Offers rich and engaging viewing experience
  • Rich Internet Application Customization
  • RIA Consulting & Strategy
  • Custom RIA Design and Development


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